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On the border of Rosewood Terrace is a forest, filled with the beasts of legend...
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 Levithon the Fallen

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PostSubject: Levithon the Fallen   Levithon the Fallen EmptyTue May 19, 2015 9:24 pm

Levithon the Fallen Tumblr11
Name:Levithon (has no last name)

Age:around two or three eons old

Species:Hybrid of: three different breeds Archangel, High classed demon like Abbadon, and mixed with the oldest beast know to mankind the leviathans.

Clan-to-join: unknow( due to not knowing where he will fit)


Height: Human meatsuit: 5"11, In his celestial form: around the size of the Chrysler building in New York.
Rank: unknown, In heaven before Falling to hell, he was commander of a garrison and controlled over other angels.

Sexuality:Queer and should be feared.

Position: He is a switch but usually submissive due to low archangel class his brothers above him.

Description: Levithon is super light toned in skin since he does not venture out much besides at nighttime to feed or to restock on items, His hair color changes when he wants it to dying it different shades once in a while. His hair is thick and a little curly after not brushing for a long amount of time but is naturally straight. It's length will change since he doesn't pay attention to his vessel at times. His eyes are not natural at all so he must always wear sunglasses constantly, they are double irised the one is a mint the other lavander with his whites being black instead . they will change depending on mood though but slowly.He does have tattoo's and piercings. His nails will always remain black, Under his eyes are dark circles from the vessel but will never go away. Levithon is hairless besides his eyebrows and hair since the soul residing in his now current vessel had the hair there removed when he took over it remained the same. His body type is lithe such as a swimmers body type, the only blemishes is scaring from fights and cheek dimples.

Scent:Thunder,lighting,sunshine,forest,cotton,water,a sub scent of sulfur and smoke, along with traces of deep ocean, sweets,food,and flowers.

Personality: He is generally a dweeb and will make terrible puns or jokes, he is kind but can sass up when needed ,intelligent,sarcastic, and over all sweet until someone keeps peeving him off. some quirks of his is that he shakes his leg,taps fingers,rubs neck, bites his lip, twitches sometimes, he will space off ,will jump at sudden movement and noise even when he already knows what is there, he's a curious little thing, he will turn his head at things he doesn't understand.

Powers: Angelic Possession,Induced Sedation,Teleportation, Invulnerability,Telekinesis,Voice Mimicry,Superhuman Strength,Healing ,Killing Touch,Resurrection ,Time Manipulation,Immortality ,Telepathy,Soulreading,Memory Manipulation, Astral Projection,SPN Perception & Senses,Reality Warping,Photographic Memory  Pyrokinesis/Pyrogenism,Cryokinesis ,Electrokinesis,Holy White Light,Molecular Combustion ,Weather Manipulation
,Shapeshifting,Granting Invulnerability(archangel abilities )Possession,Magical & Occult Knowledge, Control of Light,Control of Subconscious,control hellhounds(Upper demon hierarchy)Regeneration,Impervious to silver(Leviathans)

Likes: sitting inside his small home in the woods, reading,music,blogging,watching shows and movies,animals,dancing,drawing and any art media, studying lore and legends, watching other supernatural creatures and people he's always curious,he enjoys human food even if he doesn't need it,storms,silence, full moons, stars and planets,Genres of music he likes: deathcore,screamo,classical,rap,gaming soundtracks,dance music, and EDM.

Dislikes: dealing with heaven and hell, his brothers and sisters, problematic situations after a long period of time,he can't stand children at times, the sunlight due to staying up every night and day in the darkness of his house.

Good weaknesses:Sweets,any type of food, animals, or anything new.

Bad weaknesses: will become irritated with large amounts of salt, cleaning products, large amounts of iron, blood seals, and holy fire.

History: Levithon was born in heaven from his archangel mother who's name is long gone after being killed from mating and falling for a demon Levithon's father who is a upper hierarchy demon in hell, after being found out by his brothers and God they kept him to see if they could use him as a weapon of heaven against demons and other problems with in heavens restrictions and issues, after growing up trained as a weapon and warrior he engaged in battle between hell and heaven after the bloody battle was over he returned to his place in heaven watching over his domain he was placed over, after centuries of watching he left heaven to see gods new creations which are humans, leaving was prohibited at the time and he was cast out of heaven he fell to hell where his brother resided giving him refuge only if he cooperated with them, Levithon did not choose to cooperate under his brother, weak from his fall  Lucifer order Alastair to remove information of heaven from his brother any means possible. After years of torture he still didn't receive the information he wanted, Lucifer angered by the refusal placed Leviathans locked in his cage within his brother which fused with his already hybrid form and angel grace. After escaping eons later from Lucifer's cage Levithon took form with in his rightful vessel sending his soul to heaven. Levithon now resides far from society alone away from disaster now peacefully.  
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PostSubject: Re: Levithon the Fallen   Levithon the Fallen EmptyWed May 20, 2015 4:49 pm

Welcome to MistGlade Forest, Levithon! Accepted.
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Levithon the Fallen
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