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On the border of Rosewood Terrace is a forest, filled with the beasts of legend...
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February 2019

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 Rariel the Sweet

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PostSubject: Rariel the Sweet   Wed May 13, 2015 6:53 am

Name: Rariel

Age: 150

Species: Hybrid: Faerie/Vampire

Type of: Half Banshee

Clan to Join: Silver-Breath Clan

Gender: Female

Height: 5'0

Rank Preference: Within the Council

Sexuality: Hetero

Position: Switch

Description: Rariel is fairly pale, with long black hair that hangs in disorderly wisps to her shoulders. It is run through with little streaks of gray and some red. Her face is round and filled with dark expressions, framed with that long hair and centered with Bi-colored red and Azure eyes. She is fairly soft-looking, even for a faerie, with light curves and a more languid style to her clothing. She wears a black dress, usually fitted with chains and leather bindings; it contrasts starkly with her skin, making her look a bit ghostly and mysterious.

Scent: Blood, fresh and pure, mixed with a scent of lilac and a hint of prey to draw others in.

Personality: To Be developed during play <3

Powers: Her draconic-looking wings, inherited by her fae blood.

Likes: Night, Blood, Jasper, Werewolf Blood

Dislikes: Fay blood, day, witches

Strengths: Being a Downer

Good Weaknesses: She is soft for figures of authority

Bad Weaknesses: Daylight

History: She was born to a fay mother, as a bastard child, and abandoned at around two on the doorsteps of the Silver-Breath castle. Jas took her in, and the castle is all she's known until now.

Companion: A raven
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PostSubject: Re: Rariel the Sweet   Wed May 13, 2015 2:54 pm

Yay! Second Character!
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Rariel the Sweet
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