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On the border of Rosewood Terrace is a forest, filled with the beasts of legend...
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 Werewolf Mating Ritual

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PostSubject: Werewolf Mating Ritual   Werewolf Mating Ritual EmptySat May 02, 2015 4:17 pm

There are many different ways that a couple can decide to be considered mated, but only one is considered correct in the eyes of the pack.

Main Ritual: A wolf and his/her decided mate will, upon the release of the Leader, will run off into the forest away from one another and the dominant of the two will hunt for a form of game while the other finds the ideal area for their mating (this can be in the simple form of a bed of grass, leaves, cove, or building a bon fire, though the bon fire is generally a sign that the submissive does not have a mate in mind particularly, but wishes to be mated). Once the dominant one returns, they will throw down the game at the other’s feet. If the game is accepted by the submissive, they will commence a fight, the dominant will try to take the other while the other fights to keep away. Running in circles is not seen as honorable, but it’s not forbidden. If the dominate decides that s/he doesn’t want the other, they can take back their game and go to another pyre, but if they have decided previously before the mating moon, then they generally continue until they win.

Once the pair has mated, they will eat their game and spend the remainder of the night alone with one another, then return to the pack in the morning. If the mating ritual is not finished by the light of the next morning, it is considered a failure, though only the two that were supposed to mate would be the ones who know of it.

Alternate Rituals: Some of the wolves prefer to be more discrete and create families with one another without the game hunting and rutting (they may both be rather submissive, or both dominant) in these rare cases, they will rut alone wherever they generally sleep over a fur pelt that one or the other has acquired. This is not considered honorable or a true union to the rest of the pack.
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Werewolf Mating Ritual
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