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On the border of Rosewood Terrace is a forest, filled with the beasts of legend...
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Name: Jasper

Age: 300

Height: 7'1

Species: Vampire

Clan to Join: Silver-Breath Vampire Court

Gender: Male

Rank Preference: Lord

Sexuality: Bisexual

Position: Dominant

Description: Jasper has easily-bruised pale skin, which is soft to the touch especially around his face, neck, and other fleshy parts. His face is angular, often betraying light stubble, but mostly kept under control and never reaches the stage of full-fledged beard; centering his face are two adorable greenish eyes, framed with black eyelashes and most of the time kept under the hood of semi-bushy eyebrows. His lips are full, shell-pink in full sun but looking pale in dimmer light, which gives him an almost ghostly appearance in dark. Jasper keeps his dark brown locks tousled playfully, but sometimes makes it stick up in the middle.
His body is well-sculpted, with muscles that don't bulge too far and light scarring on his lower abdomen from previous battles/fights/challenges. There is a small black tattoo of a sparrow on his right bicep, often piquing the interest of those who see it. His legs are long and his feet are calloused from running through the woods, plus there is a long scar along his left calf that reaches from the middle of the muscle to his knee. He likes to wear Heather Gray often, and it plays up his face perfectly.

Scent: Simply put, he smells like every thing in the forest combined, from the moss and the water to the mud and the leaves.

Personality: Jasper is a tortured and passionate soul, with a dark sense of humor and the weakness that he loves all the people he can't have. He has the voice of an angel, but he sings usually only for certain people. The ones he trusts. Jasper talks about his missing family a lot of the time, but will quiet that when asked about them. He is very charitable as well, giving money to poor human children. Jasper has a morbid fascination with the human race, and has spent many years studying them from afar...Many say what he has collected in information could make a blind man see or a chaste-woman corrupted with lust.

Powers: He can bend will, is extremely intelligent for his 'age' and has the power to silence his court with a word. He can call upon a power to use black feather wings, but mostly likes to appear human. He will only unfold his wings when challenged or when asserting dominance.

Likes: Fireflies, the Night, humans, sitting alone in the forest.

Dislikes: Fledgling vampires, snobbish people, werewolves, sunlight.

Strengths: Singing, commanding the mind, collecting information.

Good Weaknesses: Has a soft spot for human children and the poor.

Bad Weaknesses: Allergic to silver.

History: Jasper was originally born a Vampire.
During his childhood he was a much-loved member within his family's coven with his younger brother, Paeris, always at his side. His parents were higher ranked scouts, and because of this, he had pretty much everything he could ever want. Having a knack for learning, Jasper picked up on most things quicker than others of his age. Though because of this those within the coven would often compare him to his brother, Lyre, and say that he took after him not only when it came to learning, but also in looks.

Yes, they were almost identical when compared and if they had been born from the same mother some might’ve called them twins. Unfortunately, the two could only be compared through remembrance and not actually in person, as his older brother  disappeared shortly after he was brought into this world.

Upon hearing the news of Lyre's disappearance, many of the members sank into sorrow believing that Lyre was now dead…each one feeling as if they had lost a valuable piece of themselves. To some that valuable piece was a lost friend, a lost lover or crush, but above all else a loss of a promising leader. It was only until Jasper was released from the confinements of the castle that a flitter of hope entered their eyes and hearts again.
Almost immediately, they noticed the similarities in appearance and personality. It was as if they were reliving the very moment Lyre had been released from the secure Castle and it delighted each and every one of them even the male’s mother. Jasper was certain that if his father were still healthy at that point in that that it would probably even fill him with a large amount of happiness. It was as if instead of Lyre's death, Jasper had died before he truly even lived.

As time passed however, and autumn slipped into winter, Jasper found himself no longer able to carry on with his previous display. Though when he tried to explain that he wanted to live his own life and finally step out of the dead Lyre's shadow…no one would listen.
That was however until he himself disappeared into the mountains... and was accepted by the clan Silver-breath.

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Jasper the Lord
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