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On the border of Rosewood Terrace is a forest, filled with the beasts of legend...
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 Werewolf Forms

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Werewolf Forms Werewolf__the_apocalypse__garou_forms__by_jiggsokeken-d4n2ntu

Hominid: Human form. Pretty basic. What ever you have chosen your character to look like, that is your human form. No fur, no ears, or tail just the plane humanoid version of your character.

Glabro: Glabro is the very slight change between a man into the two legged beast you normally see on TV shows and bad movies. There is a generally a height increase of about an inch to three, muscle mass is increased, but the body retains most of it's humanoid look, though the ears grow a little more pointed and the teeth begin to extend into their k-nine qualities. Nails become thicker and more pointed as well.

Crinos: Crinos is where your character is now fully transformed into the typical "werewolf" that is featured on TV Shows and movies. The Character has now gained three times their normal body mass in his or her muscles. They have grown to almost a foot taller than their normal height and on the mental scale, they are not the easiest to talk to and reason with. Most pack members will only use this form during the mating ritual or if their lives are endangered suddenly. Speech is available in this form, but it is usually a very deep growl, almost demonic voice.

Hispo: Hispo is where the transformed begin to depend on their four legs instead of two. The features become much more wolf-like and speech is now simply between the few that have learned telepathy. Most members of the pack only transition to this form while going from the Crinos form to the Lupus form. Some Betas, however, do use it more often so that they look larger than their Lupine forms.

Lupus: is the last form before reverting back through the others to human again. It leaves no trace of it's former human self, and instead, leaves the transformed with natural wolf-like features. The character is at it's fastest in this form. Use of hand movements is reduced and eyes see much better in the dark than during the day, but their sight is perfect none-the-less. Hearing is increased as well and they are the most calm or most fierce because their strategy skills also improve (this is believed because of the better hearing and sight). Communication is at it's minimal unless the character has learned telepathy, however, most of the pack just uses body language to communicate once in this position. Howls are natural forms of communication as well for position and strategy.
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Werewolf Forms
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